Hello-Screenshot_2016-04-02-11-31-08It’s true, whenever I use the restroom I have an audience. I pour myself many cups of coffee but always lose them by the 4th sip. Between ingesting unhealthy amounts of caffeine for pure survival I’ve got the ush-Husband. Cellulite. Children. Did I mention that mental illness runs in my family. Anyways,  I thought my biggest life transition was back-fat and turning 30. I was wrong. I found myself overnight being a Autism Parent for one and blindly figuring out the mental health system in TX for another. I needed an outlet for my sanity then and still do now. I did what any other person would do…blog. So here I am. Writing about what I thought would just be about me turning thirty and all the awkward things that happened and happening to me. It turned out to be so much more then that. Me after 30, still awkward but now I’m  trying to figure out how to keep my teens from staying on their phones all night plus I’ve got Autism Advocate and understanding Bipolar Disorder (Kinda. Not. really. I try.)under my belt. Still trying to figure me out because apparently I’ve been in a funk since 1981.