WDW Trip: Pre-gaming Part 1


Here I am! Home 3 weeks later! Back from Walt Disney World. As soon as we opened the car door in our driveway my hubs and I hit the ground running and before you know it-here we are almost a full month later. Time really never stops. But you all already knew that.

I’m excited to share about all the Disney pre-gaming I did, our during, and after. All the things I think I did right and all the things I know I did wrong. Like I’ve mentioned before there is a growing list of things I thought and said I would never do but yet here we are:

  1. Drive a Minivan (barf)
  2. Live in the burbs
  3. Dress up my chihuahua
  4. Have a chihuahua for a pet
  5. Like cats
  6. Call my pets Fur Babies
  7. Have facial hair
  8. Dedicate a binder for planning a WDW family trip
  9. Obsess and fall in love with WDW

The list continues…

I went straight to Pinterest to look up any helpful info about planning and booking a trip to WDW (we’ll go over that later) and before we all loaded up to go to Walt Disney World I saved my (literal) pennies. Every cent. We are a family on a budget and I really tried my best to get all we could out of our trip while not spending our annual budget. I am also a optimists, so/so crafter, and hold the title in my house for the Worlds Okayest Mom.


This was super easy. I wanted to get the kids excited about the trip and feel like they contributed to the trip. I made several jars for our immediate family and for my in-laws. In all I made 10 jars.

I bought a box of jars from Wal-Mart. I used left over (Apple Barrel) craft paint. I’ve got those tiny bottle all over the house. My apologies to my husband.

I gave each family member a jar to put their change in. I had imagined that by the time September came me and the kids would go and cash in our coins and the sum would be…well I don’t know what I thought it would be. I guess I imagined it would be more than it was. Maybe I shouldn’t have dipped into the jars from time to time for the kids lunch money BUT the jars DID serve their purpose which was to 1) get excited about the upcoming trip 2) have all family members contribute and 3) collect shiny pennies that I would use for the Penny Press found everywhere at Walt Disney World. I also underestimated Florida and it’s Toll Roads and since we didn’t stay on site we drove a lot. The change we collected was mainly used for Penny Press’s, wishes, exact change since we tried to use cash when ever we could, and change for the toll roads. I’d say this little craft was a success. We’ve already started saving for our next WDW trip.



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