Catch’em all. Or don’t.


I’m sure by now if you haven’t downloaded the PokemonGo App you’ve heard of it, seen pics on your IG, and at the very least read an article or saw a meme.

About 3 days ago I downloaded the app  at N-Zilla’s request. Here’s the thing…as you know by now (or maybe you don’t) I am not a very fanatical individual and I have a love/hate relationship with not only myself but with social media but I said what the hell and pressed Install. I know nothing about Pokemon or PokemonGo except that my little brother was a Pokemon master sometime in the 90’s. I am learning the rules as I go but this is what I do know:


By now it’s a given that this game gets you outside. Good for the kids. Good for me. I can’t tell but I think I have seasonal depression during summer and about mid summer I have to talk myself into leaving the house. Same goes for N-Zilla. He likes predictability and structure. Spontaneous trips outside (other then the park or our yard) are not as frequent and easily done as they use to be. Past few days right at 8 o’clock my kids are waiting at the door to go outside. We all get outside and although it’s only been 3 days I feel a little bit better.

2. Family time

We’ve divided ourself into our own teams. Me and N-Zilla and the Hubs and Tula. My Son number 1 is an independent texting us when he’s found something. I’m with the kids all of the days of the minutes of the seconds of my life. Even when I am at work I am emailing or texting or skipping my lunch to go to an IEP meeting. Basically something having to do with any four of my children. My hubs not so much. He can not have his phone on him at work. His schedule does not coincide with the kids. He gets to see them the last 3 hours of thier day. Mostly just dinner and bedtime. Again, in the past three days he has been spending the last three hours of the kids day with them. Talking and laughing and catching ’em all. I don’t get to take pictures because…well….my phone is occupied but I’m taking mental pictures of father and daughter looking for Pokemon.


3. Meet and greet

Thier is is a misconception about people on the Autism Spectrum “They” say that individuals on the spectrum are not social. In our Autistic prism that is not really the case. In my opinion, N-Zilla wants very much to be social. He wants to play with his peers. The difference is that he is hyper-focused on things he likes. That being of course Minecraft. When his peers have moved on to the next activity N-Zilla is still wanting to talk about Minecraft. When someone he meets at the park asks him his favorite color  his reply might go something along these lines, “Green, I like green, Jesse in Mindcraft wears green” and of course the conversation will once again go around Minecraft. Some are just as hyper-focused as N-Zilla, others go along with it, and then their are the ones who just walk away.  The last few nights that we have been walking looking for Pokemon so have many, many other people. Old, young, families, couples, and singletons.  So far in our experiance everyone has been friendly saying hi. Stoping and having conversations with eachother. Including N-Zilla! At the moment everyone is hyper-focused on the same thing. N-Zilla is not sticking out like a sore thumb.

4. Designated Walker

Self explanatory! Everyone should have a DW. I happen to be the families DW. I’ve set up some house rules that the phone goes down when crossing the street and when someone is talking to you put the phone down and engage in conversation. Of course given the age of my younger kiddo’s I am with them when playing. I wouldn’t  suggest to let them go free range as of yet.

5. It’s not Minecraft

My mantra with my kids has always been if you love it I love it but not that much. I can only handle so much of anything. First it was Thomas the Train, then PacMan, then Target Commercials, then Sonic, then Super Mario Bros, then Legend of Zelda, then Minecraft. It’s like being stuck on a elevator with the same song on repeat. I know that the Minecraft kick is not over and that’s okay but it’s nice to have a little variety.


I’m sure I won’t know much more about PokemonGO then I do right now. Honestly, I don’t care to. I am totally enjoying my family NOT  in the house, I’m a little less depressed, and its cool to see everyone outside.

How ’bout you? Every having fun with PokemonGo?



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