8 years ago.

When I was a single parent. I lived in an over-priced 2 bedroom apt on the second floor in a so/so part of town.

I worked night and swing shifts. And all the over-time I could get. Needless to say I was exhausted.

On the days Son# 1 didn’t have pre-school and I had a day off-I slept in and took lots of naps during the day. On these days when I slept in and took naps I still had a 2 and 3 y/o to take care of. And that’s were my parenting skills got creative or lazy. All how you look at it.

It seemed as soon as I put my head on the pillow a kid would come in asking for milk. Which was more like “asumamilt-phese”. Shortly after the other kid would come in and ask, “asumamilt-phese”. Translation: Can I have some milk please? I would float to the kitchen and pour 2 sippy cups of milk. Bring 2 bowls and a bag of Cheerios in my room. I would bring a basket of toys in my room close my bathroom door that was in my bedroom and the closet door, put on a movie. I didn’t have cable and PBS cartoons didn’t run on the weekends. I’d make a bed for me right in front of my bedroom door so no one was coming in or out without stepping on me and waking me up.

Son 1 and Crazy Horse sat on me. Played with my hair and watched hours and hours of Disney movies.

Most times when I woke up Son #1 and Crazy Horse would be asleep on the floor next to me.

Today…was one of those days. I, no longer a single parent still get as exhausted from time to time as I use to in those survival mode days and I have one son (N-Zilla) who wakes up sometimes as early as 3 am and will wake up his younger sister. I don’t have to worry about the two older ones awake while I am asleep. They are capable of pouring their own glass of milk and making eggs if they want. The younger two…not so much.

Today at 6 am I heard N-Zilla and Talulah fighting in the play room.

Then I reacted…


It went something like that.

N-Zilla brought his trains and Talulah brought her make-shift gang of  little toys. I put the Disney Chanel on Closed all the doors. This time around I stayed on my bed. 23 I am not.

When I woke up the movie Disney’s Cars was on and all four of my kids where laying on my bed watching the movie. Nostalgia of that crappy apartment, Cheerios all over my bedroom floor, watching my babies sleep and feeling so much at peace rushed my head.

I felt that this morning with all of them. We laid in my bed in our okay house, in a decent neighborhood with Cheerios all over my bedroom floor.

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