10 tips to surviving Teens


* Originally Posted 3/3/2012. Edited 
1. Don’t take it personal
You too were an asshole between the ages of 12 and 17 y/o.

2. Don’t be scared to say the ‘N’ word.
Scream it. Yell it if you have to but for goodness sake say ‘NO’! Later when the kids go to bed you can cry in your closet.

3. Don’t let your teens @,KIK, tweet, etc
Have you ever found an old letter you wrote in Jr.High or High school to a BF/Gf? ‘Nough said.

4. Make sure to drink all the wine.
Left overs might tempt your angles.

5. Have the talk. Don’t be afraid to use your life experience as an example.
“Do you want to be 30 with a 13 y/o ?” or “I’m to young to be dealing with this shit.”

6. Always keep chocolate and Coke (the drink)in the house.
For both your daughters and sons. MENzies!

7. Always encourage them.
Remind them that they are gifted AND talented AND anything they do they will be great. You will love them AND you just spent your last 100 bucks on a Clarinet and a Jock strap so stick the f*** to it until the season/semester is over.

8. Don’t forget to shop for yourself.
At some point you will have to buy sexy lacy panties so not to confuse your cotton underwear with your daughters.

9. Be clear.
When talking to teens talk slow and be very clear about what you are saying. If you want the dishes washed, you will have to say, “Wash all the dirty dishes, dry and put away.”
Or, “Empty out the dish washer by putting the clean dishes away, then put dirty dishes in the dish washer then put in the detergent then start.”

10. DON’T TAKE IT PERSONAL (it’s so important it needs to be twice on the list).
Don’t take it personal and call you mother and say sorry for being an ass hole.


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